How is the Autoimmune Protocol going for you? Are you making the progress you want?

If you need someone to show you how to get going with the AIP diet, provide good recipes, and organize all your cooking, you've come to the right place!

Here you will find help, support, and inspiration to be successful on AIP!

Hi, I'm Sophie, your new help in the kitchen!

I am here to help all the autoimmune superheroes who are struggling to get everything done. I make AIP more simple, more doable so you don’t have to work so hard to stick to it! 

More about Sophie

Tired of feeling sick?

Are you having a hard time sticking to AIP for good? Are you still suffering from out of control inflammation?

I know it can be so hard to do it all by yourself: the days are long, energy is in short supply, pain and brain fog make it hard to accomplish anything and yet you have to keep on going because everyone is counting on you in the family!

Well my friends, all of you superheroes, you deserve a break! Every hero needs a sidekick!

Ready for a change?

Surround yourself with an environment that will:

  • Support your healing journey
  • Make it easy for you to make the right choice,
  • Make it easy to eat right,
  • Make it easy to stick to AIP for good!

That supportive environment is exactly what you will find inside the membership! AIP Made Simple keeps you engaged and supported every step of the way.



Here is what you get when you join the membership!

AIP Meal Plans

Convenient AIP meal plans with shopping lists and batch cooking directions. All recipes have few, easy to find ingredients, suitable for busy schedules or low energy days!

Sample download

AIP Desserts

Enjoy a surprise AIP dessert recipe every month, perfect to share with family and friends! A dash of sweetness goes a long way towards making this whole healing caper a bit more enjoyable!

Sample download

AIP Tutorials

Learn a whole new way of cooking and new skills in the kitchen without being overwhelmed! Step-by-step tutorials will bring you clarity and help you navigate the AIP world with confidence.

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Ready to start the reintroductions? It can be exciting and confusing at the same time. Use my reintro recipes and tips to safely and deliciously add new ingredients back into your diet.

Learn more

Are you totally new to the AIP diet?

Then you will love the mini-course I have prepared for you to teach you all the basics you need to know to get started and get going with AIP!

Free mini-course when you sign-up for the membership!

I designed this course to give you all the information you need to get started!

  • what to eat and what to avoid
  • the AIP pantry
  • what to eat for breakfast
  • how to build a nutrient-dense AIP meal
  • how to cook AIP with non-AIP family members
  • AIP snacks
  • AIP condiments and sauces
  • traveling on AIP
  • and much more!

The AIP Made Simple membership program is Paleo Mom approved!

You can have the peace of mind that all the recipes and meal plans provided inside the membership are 100% AIP-compliant and they follow the Autoimmune Protocol of Dr. Sarah Ballantyne.

"Sophie, I cannot let this moment pass without saying thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the work which you have done for us. All this recipe testing takes a tremendous amount of time and energy, persistence and creativity. You have tremendously improved the quality of my life and the lives of my family! Indeed, I thank God for you and the blessing that you are in my life."

Mindy Denigan

"AIP Made Simple is such a great tool for starting out with and sticking with AIP! As someone who was confused in the beginning about where to start, what it meant to eat this way, and wanting easy recipes, this has been a lifesaver. AIP Made Simple has helped me to feel less like I am on a restricted diet and more like I am living life."

Jennifer Kemp

"Sophie is very genuine in her interest to fulfill the needs of her clients. I am a Type II Diabetic and was able to see over the course of a couple of weeks a significant change in blood sugar spikes. Prior to going on the AIP diet, my blood sugars fluctuated from 111 to 227 and now the band is more narrow from 130 to 187. Thanks Sophie!"

John Sellars


If you are ready for a change, if you really want to stick to the Autoimmune Protocol for good, stop the pain and feel better,

Frequently Asked Questions

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Every Monday, you receive a new deliverable (4 times per month) in your member area:

  1. Two AIP Meal Plans (8+ meals each) including shopping list and batch cooking directions.
  2. One AIP dessert recipe!
  3. One tutorial (can be a video, a slide show presentation, or a PDF) giving you the step-by-step directions to make something such as coconut yogurt, zucchini cheese, spice mixes, etc. Always kitchen related and very practical.
  4. One community call on Zoom. This call is live and you get to ask all your questions! 

You may cancel your subscription anytime by sending us an email at with the words "cancel my subscription" in the subject line. 

No refund is offered on the monthly subscription.


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