Ready to cook nutritious and tasty AIP-compliant meals — without spending all your time in the kitchen?


"15 Manageable AIP Meal Plans for Busy Home Cooks" is your new secret weapon!

Ditch the daily 6 o'clock mayhem in the kitchen and become a ninja cook!

Done-for-you AIP meal plans for busy home cooks to quickly and easily prepare nutritious meals (that everyone will love and eat) — without spending a lot of time in the kitchen! You in?

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Yes, give me the meal plans!

Does it feel like cooking on the Autoimmune Protocol is complicated and overwhelming?

I hear this often, especially from busy autoimmune warriors who want to eat AIP-compliant meals AND feed their family at the same time WITHOUT having to spend their lives in the kitchen!

Tell me if this sounds like you:

  • You just want someone to tell you what you can eat on AIP!
  • You want to know how to deal with all the cooking when you are so tired already!
  • You need simple meals that won’t require a mile-long list of ingredients!
  • You want to stop the last-minute scramble to cook something “edible” after a long day!
  • You want AIP meals that your family will enjoy eating too!
  • You just want this whole AIP caper to be less chaotic, less stressful!

I know that YOU know that if you want to stick to the Autoimmune Protocol for good, then you’ve got to figure out a way to cook AIP meals without having to work so hard at it!

It has to be easy or you just won’t stick to it!

So, my friends, if you want to stop struggling in the kitchen, then you need to get organized and plan your meals in advance.

That’s exactly why I created this ebook. Use these done-for-you AIP meal plans to quickly and easily prepare nutritious meals (that everyone will love and eat) — without spending a lot of time in the kitchen.

Gimme the meal plans!

Do you want to know how seasoned AIPers manage all the cooking?

Here is the truth: Flying by the seat of your pants just doesn’t work well on the Autoimmune Protocol!

As a busy autoimmune food blogger, cookbook author, and also running an online membership program for autoimmune warriors, I can tell you that when it comes to being able to stick to AIP for good and get tangible results in your health, it’s all about being organized and consistent!

So what’s the secret sauce?

Seasoned AIPers who are able to manage all the cooking easily and stick to the Autoimmune Protocol in the long run are:

  • organized,
  • they use meal plans,
  • they prepare their meals in advance.

They always have AIP meals on hand, ready to eat!

You can do it too, and it doesn’t have to be hard or complicated!

Imagine if you could quickly and easily prepare nutritious AIP meals (that everyone will love and eat) — without spending all your time in the kitchen — so you can do other things you enjoy!

It's easier than you think!

That's exactly why I created this ebook with my best AIP meal plans for you!

15 Manageable AIP Meal Plans for Busy Home Cooks!

Done-for-you AIP meal plans for busy home cooks to quickly and easily prepare nutritious meals (that everyone will love and eat) — without spending a lot of time in the kitchen! 

This is the secret weapon seasoned AIPers are using in their kitchen to stop struggling with all the cooking and always have healthy meals on hand they can eat!

Do you want to stop the struggle?

Gimme the meal plans!

What's inside this ebook?

15 done-for-you AIP meal plans so you don’t have to work hard at finding recipes and planning your menus!

I have done all the hard work for you! You won’t have to look for AIP-compliant recipes all over the internet and figure out what you are going to eat. You are welcome :-)

Manageable AIP meal plans so it’s not too much work and you can get your cooking done quickly!

The meal plans aren’t too big! Each meal plan contains 2 complete meals for a family of 4 and won’t take up your entire weekend to prepare!

Save time with the shopping lists and step-by-step batch cooking directions!

Just print the shopping lists, get the ingredients, and follow the easy step-by-step batch cooking directions. It doesn't get easier than this!

Hi! I'm Sophie, your new helper in the kitchen!

If you have come to this page, then you already know that the Autoimmune Protocol can help you regain your health and feel better. But how can you make this happen in the midst of a busy life, especially if chronic illness if robbing you of your precious energy?

ALL the cooking involved in the Autoimmune Protocol can be daunting and exhausting. Some days, it may even feel like you are spending all your time in the kitchen!

That’s why I quickly developed a meal prep routine in my AIP kitchen. I have been on the AIP diet since 2012 (with reintroductions, of course) and in my experience, meal prep is the best way to always have AIP-approved meals on hand. This makes sticking to the AIP diet so much easier! (You can read my story and how I recovered from Hashimoto’s here.)

This ebook is a compilation of my best AIP meal plans! Use it as a powerful tool to help you stick to the Autoimmune Protocol for good and improve your health.

Stop struggling with all the cooking!

Ready to be a ninja cook?